Dorval Transport

The states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania to and from Canada are our key expedited lanes

We have a 35 plus year pedigree of serving the Northeast USA To Canada market. Success built on Service is our motto

Company Overview

Dorval Transport has experience providing qualified truckload, less-than-truckload and CCL services to pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics and high value shippers throughout the North Eastern United States and Canada. Dorval's experience, history of quality service, and focus on customer satisfaction have earned us the opportunity to serve companies that are the best of the best in their markets, and we look forward to using this expertise to provide your company with a logistics solution that meets your high standards for safety, security, temperature control and reliability.

Dorval offers extremely reliable cross border LTL, FTL and controlled temperature transportation & logistics services between the Northeast USA and Canada. Dorval  has one of the most modern, technically advanced fleets on the road today, with the most stringent security protocols the industry has to offer. Our fleet, which is backed by our strong client support team, has an on-time performance record of 99% – one of the best in the industry.

Dorval Transport is committed to providing unparalleled value and customer service across all of its service platforms. Our partnership approach with our customers ensures that each customer receives the best possible service and serves as the foundation for a prosperous long-term relationship.

Company Culture

Consistent with its roots as a family-owned company, Dorval,  maintains a collegial and entrepreneurial atmosphere at its headquarters in Oakville, Ontario. The employees of Dorval  are truly the root of all of the Company’s successes and growth over the years. A high value is placed on an individual’s ability to not only perform his/her function at a high level, but also that individual’s ability to work in and be a part of a team. As such, all employees, including management, utilize an open door policy to facilitate day-to-day activities and encourage the flow of ideas amongst all levels of personnel. Everyone at Dorval has the opportunity to contribute to the success of the Company above and beyond just their individual roles